This Contemporary portable Calor Gas Heater uses the Calor Cube Gas bottle which provides instant and fully controllable heat, it's quicker to heat than most electric heaters, whilst maintaining lower running costs.

Introducing the next generation of portable gas heaters, the new stylish Calor Heat Cube portable gas heater is perfect for taking the edge off through the colder months, giving you instant heat when you need it. Keeping your home warm and cosy is easy with the Heat Cube, it draws in the cold air and creates a warm air current, giving you even-room heating faster than other traditional electric heaters.

Easy click 
The portability and ease of use of the Heat Cube makes it the perfect addition to your home during the cooler months, with its "easy click" bottle connection you simply slide the Cube Gas bottle into position, press the top button to hear a 'click' and then switch it on. When you're ready for a new bottle you simply slide the Cube Gas bottle back out of the heater. The slide castors make it effortlessly portable so you can enjoy the instant warmth from the heater where you need it.

In a sleek black and silver finish, the Heat Cube's innovative, compact design will help bring your living space to life, whilst boasting a range of features:

  • Lower running costs vs electric heaters
  • Instant heat - fully controllable and quicker than most electric portable heaters
  • Unique "easy click" bottle connection
  • 2.5kW maximum heat output
  • No assembly required
  • Easy slide castors making it easily portable
  • 1 year manufacturer's guarantee
  • Burn time: 51 hours (approx).

Size: Height - 405mm  Width - 360mm   Depth - 360mm

 Calor Cube Gas Bottle

Calor Gas Heat Cube portable gas heaterCalor Gas Heat Cube portable gas heater Cylinder